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HELLO AND WELCOME to the talk page of Pratyya Ghosh (pronunciation)
Before placing any message here, I would ask you to TAKE A LOOK at my user page on this wiki.
If you have come here after looking at my user page, then once again I would like to mention the fact that,

I am not effectively active in this Wikimedia Project. If I've made any edit here, that is most probably an automated one. I do NOT visit this site often/regularly. So I can NOT guarantee a swift and quick reply, OR in WORST CASE, a reply.
So, if you want to CONTACT ME or TALK TO ME or know more about me, then please use the Wikimedia Projects mentioned below.
⦿ English Wikipedia (enwiki) : User Page (talk page) (contributions) (user-stats)
⦿ Bangla Wikipedia (bnwiki) :  User Page (talk page) (contributions) (user-stats)

Yet if you want to place message here, then please FOLLOW THESE NOTES:
⚫ Do NOT Vandalize this page. I WON'T be appreciating you for that.
⚫ Be on point. Please don't put some unnecessary message or bring up any irrelevant issues.
⚫ Use a language which I understand. (Otherwise, even if I see your message, I might not be able to reply.)
⚫ Finally, you MUST sign your post with ~~~~