Discussion:Grammaire néerlandaise/l'article/l'article défini

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Sorry, the following is simply not correct: "on peut conclure que les genres féminin et masculin forment un seul genre commun, qui contraste avec le neutre". Conclusion made by whom? Rationale: differentiation between masculine and feminine is still made using the pronouns. A masculine noun is always addressed as 'he' (even if it's an object or an abstract concept), a feminine noun as 'she' and neuter as 'het'. (pronoun 'het' not to be confused with the definite article 'het'!) Without this it is impossible to use correct everyday spoken or written Dutch. The difference also surfaces by using the genitive in common expressions like 'In de naam des konings' (= In the name of the king), since 'des' = masculine genitive; vs 'De drank der genezing' (= the potion of healing), since 'der' = feminine genitive; vs 'De dag des oordeels' (= judgement day), since 'des' = neuter, i.e. identical to the masculine case, unlike the feminine case. 14 mai 2023 à 00:22 (CEST)Répondre[répondre]