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À propos de l'auteur : Guyverson Vernous

Vernous Guyverson


Initially He has a Bachelor in Major Accounting at State Faculty INAGHEI. He spent amount of six months to study and succeed as a certified Public Accounting in Haiti in 2000. In 2002 he was awarded Computer Certified E - Commerce Consultant at the Institute of Certified E-Commerce Consultants (USA). And 2004 he completed a Master in Public Administration with a thesis in E-Government and development.

He was the first e-business professional in Haiti, since 2000, who leads an e-business firm (ESTRAT E-business Consulting) as CEO and founder. He was present since that date in several international ICT events and Summits. In 2003, He is teaching e-commerce management at the Ecole Supérieure D’Infotronique d’Haiti (ESIF) (www.esih.edu) and it was a first time that Haitian students assisted a digital management business and e-business courses.

On the international level he has participated in several international consultations on the information society, as the one in New Brunswick - Canada on May 2003. On March 2004, he was solicited to be part of a professional team in a multilateral project of support of Canada in Africa for the development of rural telecenters. In the same period he was invited by Inter-American Development Bank and the MasterCard Corporation to be awarded for the setting up of the PCS project in the 45th Annual Meeting of the Board of Governors on March 23-31, 2004 in Lima, Peru. In January 2005 He has presented to the Organization of American States (OAS) an e-government project (ADELH) in order to modernize the public administration in Haiti.

He is one of the most active professional of the Caribbean in the Information Technology field, and he leads since 2002 the NGO “Center of Assistance for Information of Technologies Initiatives” CAITI (www.caiti.org) as the president and the founder. CAITI is linking CUBA, HAITI and the Dominican Republic. CAITI is a non-profit and non governmental organization created by Caribbean youth entering into the struggle for democratization and the diffusion of the ICT in our region. With CAITI Haiti benefits of two national campaigns on information technologies, which help to sensitize government and other sectors to see ICT as development enabler.

In April 2005 he was solicited to coordinate the RDDH (www.rddh.org.ht) the Haitian Sustainable Development Network who advocates the use of ICT in the development process of Haiti. Also he is the national registry manager in NIC.HT, the Consortium who controls the ht domains.

Furthermore he published many articles on issues like community outreach (télécentre for South Countries), Internet Governance (involvement of developing countries), virtual organisation, e-governement and the participation of the south countries in ICT policy making. His blog address is: www.rddh.org.ht.