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00%.svg 0.01 Pourquoi apprendre l'indonésien ?
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00%.svg 0.03 L'alphabet
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Jam berapa? -What time is it?

Waktu tempo - on time.

Indonesia uses 24-hour time format, so use jam 20 instead of 8 pm. Because Indonesia is so large there are three time zones: West: Sumatra, Java and surroundings (Waktu Indonesia Barat <WIB>); Central: Bali and surroundings (Waktu Indonesia Tengah<WIT>); and East: Papua and surroundings (Waktu Indonesia Timur <WITA>). Each zone differs from the next by 1 hour. In spoken indonesian, 12 hour format is prefer to use and adding the time indicator after it.

Kata (Mot) Arti (Signification) Waktu / Kondisi

(Temps / Condition)

Pagi matin Sun is already risen, but before 10am.
siang midi Around noon. Usually 10am-2pm.
sore après midi Sun is still up, but after 2pm.
Malam nuit Sun must have set.
Dini hari minuit Rare to use, ussually occur in movie or TV schedule
Subuh - around 3-5 am. Rare, ussually to express "it is too early"

Contoh (Exemples) :

6:00 : 6:00 pagi

11:00 : 11:00 siang

18:00 : 6:00 sore

23:00 : 11:00 malam

'"Jam" ('"lit. clock") or "at time", often added before the time (e.g "jam 6 pagi" means at 6 am) in written indonesian 24-hours format is used.

Minutes[modifier | modifier le wikicode]

to say minute. first, you say "the hours" then "kurang/lebih" (lit. less/more) then "the minutes". examples:

6:11 : enam lebih sebelas (lit. six more elevan <minutes>)

10:54 : sebelas kurang enam (lit. elevan less six <minutes>)

use only if the minutes not more or less than 15 minutes, see below.

use the word setengah to say half-hour

Contoh (Exemples) :

6:30 : setengah tujuh (lit. half seven)

11.30 : setengah dua belas (lit. half twelve)

2.31 : setengah tiga lebih satu (lit. half three more one <minute>)

4.25 : setengah lima kurang lima (lit. half five less five <minutes>)

6.16 : setengah tujuh kurang empat belas (lit. half seven less fourteen <minutes>) Modèle:Indonesian/Lessons/Introductory/Footer